Google refused to work with us for YouTube, says Microsoft after ultimatum to pull the app

While the lack of apps on the Windows Phone 8 platform has been a persistent problem, Microsoft has also suffered a blow with regards to one of the most popular apps. The YouTube app, which was only recently launched for Windows Phone 8, has come under threat after Google issued a cease and desist letter to Microsoft to remove the app, The Verge reports.

The report says that Google has requested Microsoft to remove the app from the Windows Phone Store and also disable existing installations on devices immediately. The main point of contention is that Google didn’t give the go ahead for the app before it was launched. Furthermore, the app blocks advertisements before a video, which damages Google’s revenue. Also, YouTube on WP8 lets you download videos directly from the handset and also shows content that's region or device-restricted. Needless to say, all these points violate the Terms of Service of YouTube. Google has reportedly given the Redmond company time till May 22 to remove the app.

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In response, Microsoft referenced Larry Page’s keynote address from Google I/O last night, where the Google CEO called for an end to the negativity in the tech industry. The company also said Google has refused to work together with them over the YouTube app. “YouTube is consistently one of the top apps downloaded by smartphone users on all platforms, but Google has refused to work with us to develop an app on par with other platforms. Since we updated the YouTube app to ensure our mutual customers a similar YouTube experience, ratings and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive. We'd be more than happy to include advertising but need Google to provide us access to the necessary APIs,” the company’s statement said. 

Microsoft added, “In light of Larry Page's comments today calling for more interoperability and less negativity, we look forward to solving this matter together for our mutual customers.

Published Date: May 16, 2013 01:28 pm | Updated Date: May 16, 2013 01:28 pm