Google Pushing Android 2.3.3 Update to Nexus S and Nexus One

In a rather simplistic tweet today, Google have announced that their Nexus One smartphone will be getting OTA updates to Gingerbread soon, and the Nexus S will also be upgraded to keep it current with version 2.3.3. We told you a while ago about the Android 2.3.3 update which brought in some new NFC functionality, and we expected the Nexus S to get the update pretty soon, but the fact that the Nexus One is also getting upgraded directly to that version is a pleasant surprise.

Gingerbread Love!

Gingerbread Love!



We always knew the Nexus One was going to get an OS upgrade but the time-frame was unclear, and we’re glad Nexus One owners will now be able to use Gingerbread in all its glory. It’ll take a while though – a few weeks, according to Google – for the updates to start rolling out over-the-air. So keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway, check out the tweet below.


Published Date: Feb 23, 2011 10:54 am | Updated Date: Feb 23, 2011 10:54 am