Google+ Pulls in 20 million Visitors in 3 Weeks

Just three weeks after the launch of Google+, Web Traffic watcher comScore estimated over 20 million visitors signing up to the network. With its growing user base, Google+ has impressed observers by giving them access to its network on an invitation only basis. Google+ lets people share documents, photos and videos with various circles of friends, and other contacts. Users can also have the privacy of publishing information to any user who wants to view their post. Google+ also has a unique feature known as 'Hangout', which lets the users video chat. Andrew Lipsman, Vice President of industry analysis at comScore, stated that the only site which accumulated so many users in such a short period of time was Twitter, back in 2009.

20 Million and Rising

20 Million and rising



Softpedia, reports that Paul Allen whose research has proved accurate in the past, has claimed that Google+ should already have 20 million registered users. The United States, which is supposed to have the most amount of users on Google+,  has around 5.3 million visitors, followed by India which has close to 2.8 million visitors in the past three weeks. Facebook is one of Google+’s main competitors in the social networking domain. However Google+ has a long way to go before they reach the 750 million user mark that Facebook possesses.