Google pulls April Fool’s prank with Gmail Shelfie for selfie maniacs

After introducing the Pokemon game on April Fool’s eve, Google is ready with yet another prank. Now, everyone may not be a Pokemon fan. However, there are millions who access Gmail every day and even more who click selfies each day. So, the next prank up Google’s sleeves was rolled out soon by introducing “shelfies”.


Through its Gmail blog, Google states, “As the pioneering platform for selfies, Gmail is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the selfie space. And we think it's a tragedy that your handsome hair, luscious lashes and beautiful brows have been trapped in your own inbox. Until now, that is. Today, we’re proud to free your selfies by launching Gmail Shelfie, the SHareable sELFIE.”


As you try logging into your Google account, you will get an option to set up Shelfies (Sharable selfies) that can be set up as your Gmail theme, and also be shard with others. In fact, it also put up a casual blog post introducing the “Shelfies” feature. While it lets users create their own shelfie while Google, it also allows users to pick from top trending images. However, once you click on the button, Google has archive of funny, weird photos that users can set as their shelfie.


“Gmail Shelfie is built on the idea that you shouldn’t be selfish with your selfie. With just a few clicks, your mom, your aunt, or that girl you have a crush on can set your Shelfie as their Gmail theme so they can enjoy checking, reading, and writing emails while seeing your friendly face in the background,” states the blog.


This isn’t the first time Google has tried pulling a prank on April Fool’s Day. Last year, the company had declared that it is closing down YouTube, introduced a treasure hunt mode for Google Maps and more. This year too, we expect many more April Fool’s pranks from Google.

Published Date: Apr 01, 2014 06:45 pm | Updated Date: Apr 01, 2014 06:45 pm