Google plans to bring Hangouts app to Glass: Report

Undeniably, Google Glass has been the search giant's most exciting device in recent times. Over the months leading to this day, information on what's exciting about Glass has been constantly trickling in. 


Now, Google's Senior VP of engineering Vic Gundotra has told ABC News that the company plans to bring Hangouts to Glass. In his response to the question on how it was planning to integrate more social functionality into Glass, Gundotra said, "Hangouts is the answer. Our focus is on face-to-face to face communications. The Hangout app we just showed is going to be available for Glass.”


Social features planned for Glass



According to the report, both Gundotra and David Besbris, VP of Engineering for Google Plus confirmed that their team was working on the Glass app. However, when asked if Glass would come with more "deeper social tools" - say the ability to look at a friend and see more information about them, the two responded with a "Stay tuned". While they did not divulge details on how the app would work, both Gundotra and Besbris maintained that the Glass apps "shouldn't be distracting."


Speaking of social features on Glass, we only recently reported that you can tweet photos using Google Glass. With more and more people getting their hands on the gadget we’re seeing evidence how Google Glass will work for real life tasks, like tweeting. Well, tweeting isn’t a critical function of your everyday life but it is still cool that you can tweet from the Google Glass.


French web entrepreneur Loic Le Meur tweeted a photo from his Google Glass while driving through a San Fransisco street. The tweet simply read #throughglass. Le Meur, in a reply to a later tweet said that the Glass was amazing and he had tweeted using an app, which as it turns out is a third party app called GlassTweet.

Published Date: May 16, 2013 04:03 pm | Updated Date: May 16, 2013 04:03 pm