Google Offers WiFi Internet Access to Silicon Valley

Google has turned its headquarters, Mountain View in California, into a Wi Fi enabled town with free wireless internet access, which might be called ‘Google Everywhere'. The Google supported wireless internet network will now be available to the 72,000 residents of Mountain View, California, along with the town's office workers, daily visitors including more than 1,000 Microsoft Corp employees at Mountain View.

Besides laptops, users of other Wi-Fi device or telephone can seek out nearby wireless networks by picking the "Google Wi-Fi" option. Once the device's browser window opens, a Google log-on page appears, enabling Wireless customers to sign into Google e-mail, instant messaging or home page accounts using their normal passwords. Users wishing to remain anonymous can create a temporary user name and sign in to a default Google home page featuring local information on Mountain View and the surrounding region.

Google says it sees economic benefits via this move, in terms of a spike in usage of its search and advertising services inside homes, offices, schools and around town.

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Published Date: Aug 16, 2006 14:30 PM | Updated Date: Aug 16, 2006 14:30 PM