Google Now updated with real-time package tracking, better Cards and faster Search

Google Now, the handy search feature from Google (currently on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-running devices), has received its newest update, as per the app’s listing on the Play Store. 


Google's now allowing Jelly Bean users to track in real-time the packages that are to be delivered to them from certain carriers – presuming they have the tracking number on them. 

Get all information in real-time

Get all information in real-time



Cards, another Google Now highlight, also seems to have got some love in this update. The listing mentions that Cards now come with quick feedback and settings. Google Now Cards feature an "i" button that shows up the settings for that particular card. Another interesting update is in the Settings menu, wherein all Cards now have their separate toggle on-off options. This way, users can have individual settings for each of their cards. In addition to this, Google claims to have made searches quicker. 


Last year's annual Google I/O conference saw Google introduce Google Now. Essentially a new search interface for Android users in real-time, Google Now aims to get users more relevant and real-time results. The search feature is card-based and users can bring up cards containing the data they require in real-time. Google Now claims to give all relevant info in a single swipe. 


The new update to the Google Now service in February this year brought along with it the Google Now widget, amongst other important features. The widget, which will work on your homescreen as well as locked screen, will update relevant information just like the Google Now app. The widget will show you weather, directions you last asked of Google Maps and the traffic expected.

Get an alternate routes in real-time

Get an alternate route in real-time



Besides a whole new widget experience, Google has added plenty new features for users to enjoy with this update. The service has integrated new partners like Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango and Zillow to help Google Now users do a lot more with the service than merely check weather and traffic on it.


Rotten Tomatoes’ listings appear in the Movies Card that Google Now already has. The service will now also integrate Fandango to help users pick out movie tickets. The Fandango integration is pretty similar to the existing arrangements for restaurant bookings, flights, hotels and events.


Google Now will also now display real estate listings from Willow when it notices you’ve been surfing a lot of websites related to renting and buying houses. Whether or not Google Now will be able to intuitively understand your requirements from your home, is not clear yet.


Needless to say, with no Fandango and Willow, and the pitiably low usage of QR-code related services in India, these features are almost good for nothing here.


In December last year, Google introduced an update to Google Now to make it the perfect travel accompaniment. The new update makes Google Now even more useful while travelling. The way this app works is that it will tell you what the weather will be like at your destination, even before you've left home! While at the airport, the app will pull out your boarding pass automatically, and this way you can make your way past the gate quickly. Once at their destination, users can use the Google Now app to discover some great activites, as it will show you the events happening around while also suggesting websites for you to explore to help you decide on things to do. The app also lets you learn more about specific pieces while you're at a museum – using Google Goggles. 


The updated app is up for grabs on the Google Play store

Published Date: Apr 04, 2013 10:59 am | Updated Date: Apr 04, 2013 10:59 am