Google Now may soon come to Desktop Chrome

Android users have been giving Google Now a thumbs up for its all purpose notification services. Now it looks like this feature is about to come to Desktop Chrome as well.

In revision #171868 of the Chromium Project, the author has revealed that a skeleton of Google Now has been created. “Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation. The CL creates the top-level structure for showing Google Now cards in Chrome via Chrome Notifications. The implementation lives behind -enable-google-now-integration flag,” reads the log.

Google Now cards will now be shown through Chrome Notifications on the desktop. Google Now for Android has been touted to be the next best thing to happen to smartphones by many. The service predicts what news and information may be useful to you considering the time and your location. If you’re leaving your home to get to your office, Google Now on Android will let you know what the condition of the traffic is and will suggest alternate routes.



Google Now to come to Chrome soon!


On Android, Google Now already has the services of about 25 cards that detail weather, traffic, events and more with more to come in the future. All of these notifications are a part of the service that guesses when which notification will be important to you.

The appearance of this code on the Chromium Code Reviews shows that this service will make its way onto Chrome very soon. Google is working on driving audiences to its services in a smart fashion by making smartphone users consider Android and computer users consider Chrome thanks to their intelligent and intuitive services. The company seems to be working hard on breaking the shackles that limit services to either mobile or the web by making services accessible to users on most platforms.

Chrome for desktop already has cards called Desktop Notifications that pop out every time the user needs to be notified of an event, outside the browser window. Google will probably be integrating the Now cards with Desktop Notifications

Google has hinted that the feature is being worked upon, but remained tight-lipped about it. “We’re always experimenting with new features in Chrome but have nothing to announce at this time,” said spokeswoman Jessica Kositz.

New cards were revealed by Google in time for the Holiday season to make vacations a breeze with the personal assistant Google Now. The way the updated app works is by telling you what the weather will be like at your destination, before you've left home and pulling out your boarding pass automatically at the airport helping you make your way past the gate quickly. Once at your destination, you can use the Google Now app to discover some great activities, as it will show you the events happening around, while also suggesting websites for you to explore to help you decide on things to do. The app also lets you learn more about specific pieces while you're at a museum - using Google Goggles.

The Google Now service was introduced at the Google I/O event held earlier this year. Essentially a new search interface for Android users in real-time, Google Now has aimed to get users more relevant and real-time results.

Published Date: Dec 10, 2012 10:24 AM | Updated Date: Dec 10, 2012 10:24 AM