Google News Gives Itself a Revamp

Google News has gone through a bit of a makeover. For starters, it aims to make news more reader friendly and give readers what they want. Readers can Personalize their news, they can choose whether they want to see more world news, science, arts, entertainment news, and can always edit or reset their choices. They've also made it possible to choose which sources of news readers would like to read. In addition to this, they've added keyboard shortcuts to news, readers can see a full list of the shortcuts by pressing the question mark key on the news page.

Google News had made sure that no matter what preferences the reader chooses for their news, they will always get the top news. There are links to the major stories in the Top Stories section and there will be linked keywords to these stories above headlines. Sharing news on social networking sites has also become easier. Readers can now select clusters of news and by using the drop down menu next to the titles, can share news on Twitter, Buzz, Reader and Facebook.

The new News is rolling out is English editions in the US today and will be expanding it to all the editions worldwide in the coming months.

SOURCE: Google Blog

Published Date: Jul 02, 2010 10:22 am | Updated Date: Jul 02, 2010 10:22 am