Google Maps sends users on a treasure hunt on April Fools' Day

After letting you smell success and, well, a wet dog, Google's now letting you find some treasure on Google Maps. 


So it goes like this. The Google Maps Street View team apparently stumbled upon a treasure map belonging to William "Captain" Kidd – the not-so-goody pirate. The team found the map when they were out on a recent expedition in the Indian Ocean as part of a deep-water dive to widen their underwater Street View collection. Now, it is rumoured that Captain Kidd buried his treasure around the world, and tales on these have lived on for generations. The discovery by the Google Maps Street View team was confirmed by Dr Marco Meniketti, an independent archaeologist.


The catch? The 315-year-old map includes a number of encrypted symbols and cannot be deciphered easily to find the hidden treasures. So Google decided to go ahead and digitise the map to make it accessible to everyone. Google thinks that with so many minds coming together, finding the treasure will become a reality. 


Get lucky this April 1



If you're interested, click here or hit the "Treasure" button at the top right corner on Google Maps. For the rest of us though, that's another Google prank for today. If you've been following all Google pranks today, you'll know this isn't the only one. 


Google – with its best straight face – chose today (April 1) to launch its new service Google Nose, where you can “go beyond type, talk and touch for a new notation of sensation". Essentially, you can now use Google to not just search for things, you can also use it to smell your favourite things.


Hitting the “Try Google Smell” button on the homepage of the service will throw up a random result in Google Search. Besides websites and images pertaining to the keywords, there will now be a panel on the right of the screen where Google Aromabase will describe the product and smell to you. Using the “Smell” button, you will be able to inhale its aroma (or stench, depending on the random product). 


We hit the “Try now” button and waited for Google’s randomiser to surprise us with a smell. We were not disappointed as Google threw up results for the smell of “success”. Needless to say, the description for the smell of success read, “sweet”. Success is sweet, indeed. 


We don’t need to tell you how our experience with trying to smell it went, right? Google instructed us to bring our nose as close as possible to the screen to smell. The search giant had the last laugh as people stared at us trying to smell our monitors. 


Google took a dig at itself too. It showed up “Google I/O” in the smell search result too. The search engine described the smell of the biggest Google event as, “Gadgets, over-heated computers and innovation". Hilarious! 

Published Date: Apr 01, 2013 06:05 pm | Updated Date: Apr 01, 2013 06:05 pm