Google Maps' revamped look leaks before Google I/O

Google had a little “oops” moment hours before the much awaited Google I/O event today. The sign-up page for “the new Google Maps” went live briefly before being pulled down today. The new page showed a slew of new features we can expect to see soon, now that an announcement of this new experience seems imminent.

Droid Life spotted the new sign-up page as well as some new features that might be announced at the Google I/O tonight. First up was the sign-up page that talked about a “tailored map for every search” promising a service that will highlight things “that matter the most” to a user. We could be talking about smart maps that learn better as you keep searching it for places to go to, or directions to take. Google is indeed going to keep a track on user behaviour and search histories to tailor the app’s results to suit your queries.

Do more with Google Maps now

Do more with Google Maps now


There was also a “smarter search box” that was found on the page. The feature had leaked previously as well. The smarter search box will see Google Maps delving deeper into data like destinations, reviews, indoor maps and ratings. It would be fair to say that Google Maps is about to add features that will turn it into a one-stop shop for all things travel and stay.

Google Maps will now also include imagery from Google Earth along with the search engine’s flight search too. It will offer a wide variety of transportation options from you to pick and choose while it learns about your preferences as and when you keep searching. The leaked screenshots of the revamped version of Google Maps show that the service is following the Google Now card-like look too.

Droid Life says that there had been no mention of a mobile version of the app within the leaked page. It could be possible that Google will first be testing these new features out with the web version of the app before taking it mobile. This might take a while, so don’t hold your breath. We’ll be keeping you posted about the launch of these “leaked” features as the Google I/O progresses.

Published Date: May 15, 2013 03:51 pm | Updated Date: May 15, 2013 03:51 pm