Google Maps brings indoor floor plans to desktop, rewards the deserving

In an interesting revelation, a Google blog post shares that the indoor floor plans that users have been accustomed to using on Google Maps on their Android device are now available on the Google Maps on their desktop. Indoor floor plans on Android allowed users to figure out their location, while also gather more about the surroundings within popular indoor locations. Google shares that such indoor floor plans available for popular indoor locations, users will have tools to better plan their commute, shopping trips, among other things. Before they head out for holidays or shopping, Google suggests that users check out the indoor maps of the airport or shopping mall. Here, they will be able to view a detailed floor plan with labels to guide them through gates at the airport, stores within the mall, departments within a retail shop, as well as ATMs, restrooms, and more. 

The indoor floor maps are now on a desktop near you!

The indoor floor maps are now on a desktop near you!



The post shares that indoor maps are currently available for select venues, including transit stations, libraries, and museums in certain countries. Click here to view the entire list.


On a related note, those who are a part of the community working towards improving content on Google Maps now have the opportunity to share those accomplishments with the new Google Map Maker Badges. Users can now earn badges for tasks ranging from making their first edit in Map Maker to organising a MapUp event or contribute to Map Makermedia. Moreover, some badges also have stars that a user can earn for reaching milestones within a category. The colourful badges earned by users will be for everyone to see on your Map Maker Profile and when you move over a mapper's username. 


In the latter half of October this year, Google Maps was updated to include terrain and colour gradations to represent vegetation, and labels for natural land formations. Karl Johann Schmidt, Software Engineer, Google Maps shares in an official blog post that the new visualisations will enable users to understand and see for themselves the location of expansive forests, deserts, and mountain ranges around the world. In addition, users can gauge the impact of natural land formations, as well as how and why man-made developments such as urban cities, dams, and bridges are made.


Google recently released an update for the web version of its Maps service, which lets users access Street View from the mobile browser version of Google Maps in iOS. While the update is mainly for iOS devices, Google has said that other phones can also use Street View on the Google Maps web app, but it won’t work equally well. The feature is available on both the iPhone and the iPad by accessing Google Maps from the device and hitting the Street View button on the upper/lower right side. It is also possible to have Google Maps and Nokia Maps running on your browser in full screen on your iOS device.

Published Date: Nov 22, 2012 10:29 am | Updated Date: Nov 22, 2012 10:29 am