Google makes Analytics happen in 'Real-time'

Those checking the pulse of the web, would know that Analytics measure it, telling the user how good or bad his site's doing in the larger picture. Now! imagine this in real-time. While all this while, Google Analytics let one check the past performance of their site, the same in real-time would deliver statistica as it happens, as per the official blogpost. Those who manage content on websites, these days would know that the social media has become an indispensible tool in the entire web ecosystem. A considerable chunk of traffic, in most cases are driven by the popularity of these social networking sites, where articles are pitched. Now, with Analytics happening in real-time, traffic driven by these social networking sites will immediately show up in the statistics. 


Checking reports in real-time

Checking reports in real-time



Other benefits include the ability to track campaigns, right before the campaign actually starts, through the campaign, till when visitors are driven to the page. Real-time data in this case would help you affirm if the data you receive is the data you actually want. Those wanting to access the latest 'Real-time' data feature, could do so only by using the latest version of Google Analytics. To avail the new version, click on 'New Version' found in the top right of Google Analytics. For the time being, all real-time reports would be found in the Dashboards tab. Later, this feature will be moved to the Home tab, when the interface gets an update.  


Google will start rolling out the 'Real-time' updates in the days to come. But, for those, who're keen on trying it rightaway, like me, can do so by clicking here

Published Date: Sep 30, 2011 06:13 pm | Updated Date: Sep 30, 2011 06:13 pm