Google looks into the strange case of missing paid apps

What if your paid apps suddenly disappear from the ‘My Apps’ section of Google Play? If that hasn't happened, then you may be the lucky one not facing this issue, but several users have been complaining about the same. Basically, there persists a Play store problem that doesn’t let users access their purchased apps, following an obviously not-spooky, disappearance of the app due to some technical glitch. According to TheVerge, Android Central and xda-developers forum have disclosed several complaints from users reporting missing apps. This problem is said to be affecting Android device users and also the web store. However, the problem hasn’t been confined to a particular region.

Google Play

Where are the apps Google?


An xda-developers forum post said, “Checking on my other droids, the same issue appears to be afflicting them as well, even if the app comes up in 'my apps' when I click on it instead of letting me reinstall it wants me to pay again.” Google seems to be investigating into the issue. Google revealed in its Known issues page that, “We're aware of reports from some users that several applications are missing under ‘My Apps’ on their devices, and we're currently looking into the issue.

Only recently did Google rebrand its proliferating Android market to Play store. To promote the Google Play store, the Search giant (yes, that’s what we'd still like to call it) introduced some lucrative app offers. It announced 7 Days to Play and slashed the prices of its apps to as low as Rs.24. Here again, the price slash was only for really limited apps in India. 


Google’s support page includes a topic reading ‘Applications missing from "My Apps". But it isn’t clear yet whether Google has fixed the problem. However, even if someone is facing this problem, they can be rest assured as Google has been working on it. Do let us know if you are facing such a problem.

Published Date: Mar 30, 2012 01:10 pm | Updated Date: Mar 30, 2012 01:10 pm