Google launches Android App for Google Apps administrators on the go

Google has now announced the launch of a new Android app that will be targeting the administrators who work on Google Apps. According to the announcement, Google says that the app, termed Google Admin, has been designed to make the lives of administrators easier by letting them use their Android phone or tablet to finish the most menial of tasks while on the go.


The responsibilities of an administrator typically revolve around quickly adding or suspending users, resetting admin passwords as well as managing group memberships. Google Admin serves as a one stop app that lets administrators quickly get these functions done. Other features that Google Admin gives administrators are being able to view domain setting changes as well as directly being able to call or email specific users.

No more whacky generic experiments

Google want its Google Apps Administrators to work while on the go with Google Admin...



According to the announcement, the list has a whole lot more. Google Admin also gives contact support for all Google Apps which relate to Business for Customers, and also supports PINs. Administrators can also review account activities in the audit log while on the go and even filter events by their type or by the admin/date range. 



The Android app requires API access to be enabled, though. So if users have not turned it on, they will need to do so. The new app is part of a larger image that Google is fostering to make work easier for Google Apps administrators. This is a follow-up to an earlier announcement that Google made about an update to the Admin console for Google Apps, which extended its usability by giving new logical groupings, drag and drop options for controls and well as a direct URL. Google has since made the new Admin SDK available to developers who may want to customise tools made for organisations that want to use Google Apps. Google Admin can now be found on Google Play.

Published Date: May 30, 2013 17:25 PM | Updated Date: May 30, 2013 17:25 PM