Google I/O 2017: YouTube to introduce 360 degree videos on your television

So far, there have been few ways to consume 360 degree videos from YouTube. A mobile phone can be used in a VR headset, for an immersive stereoscopic experience. Alternatively, on smartphones and tablets, the finger could be used to swipe to look around the 360 degree videos. The second option allows for mono 360 degree videos. At the Google I/O 2017, YouTube announced plans to bring 360 degree videos to the biggest screen in the homes of users.

Watching 360 degree videos on television is a more immersive experience than smartphones, even if the video is available only in mono. The controls for looking around are linked to the arrow buttons on the remote. The facility will be available through the YouTube app itself, wherever it is available. This includes chromecast dongles, streaming devices, gaming consoles and Smart TVs. Sarah Ali, head of living room products at Google, introduced the new feature. The catalogue of YouTube live videos can be accessed through voice search where supported, but there was more.


"To enhance the experience even further, we are also introducing live 360 in the living room. Soon, you will be able to experience moments and events as they unfold, in a new, truly immersive way. So, whether you have a Sony Android TV or an Xbox One console, you will soon be able to explore 360 degree videos right from the comfort of your couch and along with your friends and family."

One of the first live events to be streamed in 360 degrees on YouTube was the Coachella concert in 2016. A few moments from the concert were shown at I/O. Google is working with athletes, brands and creators to bring in more 360 degree content to the platform.

The idea is to offer experiences on YouTube that are differentiated from what is offered by conventional television services.

Published Date: May 18, 2017 03:03 pm | Updated Date: May 18, 2017 03:03 pm