Google introduces 'Analytics feature' for YouTube

Seeing how one's video performs on YouTube can prove to be both encouraging and insightful, whichever way the needle tilts. Keeping this in mind, Google rolled out an analytics tool for its popular video viewing portal, YouTube, yesterday, simply called YouTube Analytics Report. The post states that the reports on YouTube Analytics Report have been generated using the same data as Insight - YouTube's video analytics feature.

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An official post on YouTube states that the reports generated aims to be useful and interactive. The Analytics tool contains a Summary report, which essentially contains a gist of "top-level performance metrics for your content on YouTube". These metrics, include parameters like - Demographics, Engagement, Discovery, Top 10 videos, among others. Clicking on each of these widgets will further expand on the details provided, while clicking on the links to the left will allow users to access the other reports in YouTube Analytics.


The new analytics feature includes a Data Filter, visible at the top of each report. As the name suggests, the Data Filter allows users to sort content by Content, Geography, and Date, also users to choose to sort content using a pre-determined range, or create one of their own. The analytics report allows users to see Line Charts, which the post says is a common sight on most reports. The Line Chart plainly depicts how, over a definite period of time, a particular metric was distributed. These charts can be viewed, either date specifically (monthly, daily, weekly, et al) or can be viewed in another metric format. 


The analytics tool comes with an Interactive Map, which plainly gives the user an insight to how their videos have been doing in specific regions. To view this, users just have to hover their cursor over the map, and the metrics will be highlighted. Lastly, users have the option of downloading the report, as a whole. 


To know more about the new analytics, click here.

Published Date: Dec 01, 2011 01:41 pm | Updated Date: Dec 01, 2011 01:41 pm