Google integrates Google+ photos into Search

Google has been coming up with a set of really interesting additions to enhance the users' online experience. The latest on the list is an announcement that the company made on Thursday which is an interesting mesh between its main Google search service and Google+ Photos. Basically, Google allows you to search for your photos on both Google+ and Google Search by searching for them directly from the Search bar.

According to the company, “Your photos represent some of your most important memories and life events, yet they are increasingly difficult to manage as you build up your photo library, accumulate new devices and make new friends. In many cases, searching for your photos can be challenging because the information you’re looking for is visual.”


Google is attempting to fix that, with a simple search process. According to the company, once you have signed into the system, you have to search for “my photos” on, or directly on Google+. The system will automatically give you a list of all the photographs that you may have put up or been a part off. The new add-on apparently goes beyond that. Google says that it will use the new search parameters, along with computer vision and machine learning to really understand your question and what you are looking for.


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Google integrates its search to give you all the photos you or your friends have uploaded...



According to a report by TNW, Google has listed out a list of possible search words that can work with this integration, such as sunsets, food and flowers. The word “photos” is the only keyword that you need to search for images using this integration. Added to this, you can search on Google+ or Google search for not just your own photos, but those that your friends have put up as well. 


From what the company has to say, it seems that the search results do not come on tags, captions, or other ways to see what is available on a given photo. Google says it's actually analysing the content of all your photos and picks for you which it feels is relevant to your search.


There is no particular beta version of this particular integration, so it can be assumed that the add-on is ready for mass use. Google will also constantly be tweaking the integration via the machine learning component that was spoken about earlier.

Published Date: May 24, 2013 09:43 am | Updated Date: May 24, 2013 09:43 am