Google+ Hangouts On Air gets Studio Mode

Google launched Google+ Hangouts On Air last year. The feature allowed Hangouts to be broadcast by specific users for public viewing.The feature became quite popular with the musician community among other sections who used it as a platform to connect with their fans. Now, in an attempt to make these live hangout concerts sound more like it were done on-stage, Google started rolling out a new feature, called Studio Mode. In an official blog post, Google's Matthew Leske writes that musicians can begin using the feature by first starting with Hangout On Air, then they have to click on settings and make the transition from Voice to Studio Mode.


What's different with Studio Mode is that it optimizes individual audio for music, rather than for conversation. To demonstrate it better, Google has posted a video (below) with Suite 709 and urges users to listen to it to know the difference that Studio Mode brings to the table. To know the difference better, Google tells you to listen to it with your favourite pair of headphones.


Hangouts On Air had previously been used by singer/songwriters like Daria Musk or bands like Suite 709 to perform live for their global audiences, and also jam with their fans face-to-face. Google believes that over time it has noticed that the community has grown the feature in many ways. Significant broadcast Hangouts have been the ones featuring the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu and was part of the Inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture. Closer home, another significant Hangout on the Air was hosted by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. The actor is not only the brand ambassador for Google+ in the country, but he also used the social network to promote his film Ra.One. Through such Hangouts, Google said in the blog post that it noticed one thing: "when groups of passionate individuals can broadcast live, together, the results are truly remarkable."


To take the results of these observations one step further, Google had decided to open up Google+ Hangouts on the Air to everyone in the world. Initially, Hangouts on the Air was only open to a limited number of broadcasters. The feature allows you to go live to a global audience with a series of mouse clicks.

Published Date: Aug 14, 2012 10:33 am | Updated Date: Aug 14, 2012 10:33 am