Google Glass to get monthly software updates

Here's a little more on Google Glass, straight off the ongoing Google I/O 2013 event. During a chat with developers and press at the conference, Steve Lee, Product Director for Google Glass, said that Google would be shipping one software each month with new features, polish and bug fixes, reports The Next Web. He went on to add that many of the updates that would come to Glass would include suggestions from developers and Glass explorers. 


At the conference, along with Lee, Isabelle Olsson, the lead industrial designer on Glass, Senior Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan and Glass engineer Charles Mendis too held talks. According to the report, Jordan said that while they did not have an "updated timeline for the release for Glass", the company had invited all of the 2,000 Explorers who had pre-ordered Glass at the last year's event, to collect it. 

May reach developers within next month

A software update a month!



When quizzed about the kind of apps they would individually like to see on Glass, Lee said he would want to see fitness apps, while Mendis said he would love to see payments apps tied with the Glass, specifically when he's out shopping with his kids. Olsson loves Karaoke and said would like seeing "some sort of experience show up on Glass".


Over the past few hours, we’ve known Google’s plans for Glass better. You already know that Google plans to bring its new Hangouts app to Glass in the future. There is also information that some apps have already made their way to this maverick piece of tech – Evernote and Twitter, to name a few.

Published Date: May 17, 2013 08:58 am | Updated Date: May 17, 2013 08:58 am