Google Glass appeal hard to see: Tim Cook

Apple honcho Tim Cook believes that Google Glass will fail to have an appeal with the masses. Instead, he believes, wearables is an “incredibly interesting” area.

Speaking at All Thing’s D’s D11 conference, Cook said that he wears glasses because he has to. Not a lot of people wear them if they don’t have to. “People that do wear them want them to be light and unobtrusive, they generally want them to reflect their fashion and their style.”

Wearables is the future

Wearables is the future


Cook sounded less than optimistic about Google Glass and its prospects. "There are some positives in the product," Cook said. "It's probably likely to appeal to certain markets. The likelihood that it has broad appeal is hard to see."

He pointed at the Nike FuelBand he wears and explained that it was designed for a specific use. But as far as devices like these that are supposed to perform more than one functions go, there isn’t anything great he’s seen these days. “There are lots of gadgets in this space right now, but there’s nothing great out there,” said Cook “But none of them are going to convince a kid that hasn’t worn glasses or a band to wear one. … There are a lot of problems to solve in this space. … It’s ripe for exploration. I think there will be tons of companies playing in this space.” Cook said that he sees a lot of promise for wearables, but only for companies that provide compelling solutions.

Cook said that Apple will be looking keenly at biometrics sensors as far as the wearable space goes. The Apple CEO said that he compares the potential of wearable tech to smartphones and tablets that pushed the industry into Post-PC era. He did not comment on the existence of an iWatch, but the enthusiasm with which he spoke about bands and wearables, it looks like the company has a plan up its sleeve as far as the device is concerned. “I think the wrist is interesting. The wrist is natural,” said Cook.

Published Date: May 29, 2013 10:50 AM | Updated Date: May 29, 2013 10:50 AM