Google gives sneak preview of improved ocean map in Google Earth and Maps

Guys at Google are working at delivering a better ocean map in Google Earth and Maps, and they have now given us a sneak preview of their work so far. In improving the ocean map experience, Google has partnered with NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center and the University of Colorado CIRES programme. If you're particularly excited to give it a go, you can download Google's tour list for Google Earth.


A sneak preview


Accompanying a brief post are two images – first of which offers a detailed view of the ocean landscape in Boundary Bay, WA. NOAA’s Crescent Moegling says, “Within the Strait of Georgia, deep draft vessels transit to several large refinery facilities. It's our job to provide the mariner with the most accurate chart, with the most relevant features and depths available for their safe navigation.” The second image of the area west of Bellingham, Washington, depicts the new high-res 16-metre NOAA survey update to the right and the comparatively lower 1 km resolution visible across the Canadian border to the left.

That aside, there is a lot happening at Google Earth. Only last month, Google Earth 7.1 for Android was released. The updated app brought along Street View imagery, among other features. Google Earth 7.1 for Android features better search and directions, allowing users to find what they need and quickly get where they're going. Users get transit, walk and bike directions in full 3D. The new search suggestions also show up quicker and users can get easy access to search result list to look at all the search results in detail. By just clicking on the Earth logo visible on top left, users can browse and also enable Google Earth layers like, Panoramio Photos, 3D buildings and Wikipedia.

Published Date: Jun 11, 2013 17:12 PM | Updated Date: Jun 11, 2013 17:12 PM