Google+ gets a YouTube app for Hangouts

Often people have parties or gatherings where they sit around a computer and pull up YouTube videos they've found awesome in the past and want to share. Google wants to bring this same experience to Google+, specifically to Google+ Hangouts. YouTube software engineer, Ullas Gargi wrote in a blog post on the YouTube blog that Google+ users in the middle of a Hangout can create, control, save and even share playlists of videos with friends. When you start a Hangout, you'll see a tab to download the YouTube app on the top right corner of the screen. Every user in the Hangout needs to download the app, so everyone can engage in sharing videos.

Hangout with YouTube

Hangout with YouTube



Anyone engaged in a Google+ Hangout, after adding the YouTube application can use the search tool to search for and add videos, or remove videos they don't like. Everyone in the Hangout can drag and drop videos to change the order in the playlist, and are also able to skip forwards or backwards to watch the next video or the previous video. If you need to say something to everyone in the group, you can hit 'Push to talk', which will let you either give props to the person who submitted the most awesome videos or to reprimand the user who added the worst videos.


If you like a video that is playing, you are able to share it with your Google+ circles. You will also be able to share your playlists. Gargi says, "Since great playlists are works of art, you can also save the playlist that you and your friends created to your YouTube account as public or private to enjoy later." The YouTube application in Google+ is currently available worldwide in 60 different languages. Since the Olympics are coming up and YouTube will broadcast the Olympic games live in HD, this is certainly likely to be a popular topic in the Google+ Hangouts. The Olympics will run from the 27th of July till the 12th of August, and fans in 64 territories, including those in Asia and Africa will be able to watch the action as it happens. And don't worry, India is one of the countries that will receive Olympic goodies on the video sharing network.

Published Date: Jun 15, 2012 12:55 pm | Updated Date: Jun 15, 2012 12:55 pm