Google, Facebook talk tough on day 1 of web censorship hearing

This is one court case that almost the entire nation is following religiously. At the Delhi High Court, where currently the representatives of Google, Facebook, and 19 other social networking platforms have assembled to put forth their view over the web censorship; high intensity drama would have been the order of the day. Yesterday, Google and Facebook, reportedly placed their views at the Court, arguing on some key issues. 

Awaiting a decision (Image credit: Getty Images)

Awaiting a decision (Image credit: Getty Images)




Both Google and Facebook maintained that it was impossible to screen content before it went up on their respective websites. Putting forth some valid points, Google's counsel, Neeraj Kishan Kaul stated that, "The search engine only takes you till the website. What happens after that is beyond a search engine's control. If you use blocks, which is very easy for people to say, you will inadvertently block other things as well. For example: the word 'sex'. Even a government document like a voter ID list or a passport has the word 'sex'.'" Facebook, on the other hand, believes that the user was to be held responsible for the content he/she posted, and not the website. Siddharth Luthra, a lawyer for Facebook told the Delhi HC that they cannot ""single out" any individual on the basis of religion or views and said the users should be held responsible for content they post."


Justice Suresh Kait who is overseeing the proceedings decided that the hearing for the case can resume on Thursday.