Google Drive gets profile pictures and one-click group chat

Google Drive gets a new update that will support profile pictures, one-click group chat and brings a new look for anonymous users (users without a Google account and those accessing a document). If you haven’t seen these updates on your Drive service, then just hang on as Google will begin rolling out the update in a couple of days.

Google Drive gets updated

Google Drive gets updated


On receiving the update, the user can instantly see the profile pictures of other viewers. Earlier you could just see the name of the person who has shared the file, now you can view their profile pictures too. Just hover over the picture and Google will display additional details of that user. It will also allow you to directly add the user to your Circles on Google+. Moreover, you won't have to leave the Drive while adding someone to Circles, clearly indicating that Google is insistent on integrating its social network into all its products.

Starting a group chat is made simpler with just one click. Users can also start a group chat with just one click. They can do so by selecting the new chat button at the top right. Immediately a chat box will appear, allowing to quickly message everyone in the file. Earlier, to group chat, a user had to open up a drop-down menu and check who is looking at the document and choose the Chat option but now two clicks have transformed into one.

Users without a Google account, accessing documents from Google Drive will also be affected by the change. These users will be given random profile pictures and animal names, which will differ each time they access a document.

Earlier this month, Google had updated the Drive app for iOS to version 1.3.0. The update let users edit documents in landscape mode and also promised faster response times. It also offered a few bug fixes. The Search giant has also improved its native Google Drive app for the Android platform. An update given to it earlier this year offered a couple of new features and performance improvements. Some of the changes the update brought were support for video streams on Honeycomb+, pinch to zoom in presentation viewer and bug fixes. The web app also received an update in the form of the preview feature which helps users take a look at the contents of the files on Drive.

Published Date: Apr 26, 2013 09:19 am | Updated Date: Apr 26, 2013 09:19 am