Google Drive for iOS updated with editing features

At the Google I/O event, the brand officially announced Google Drive for iOS devices, this was an ideal gift for users of Apple iOS users as it was the day that the iPhone had turned five years old. When Google launched this app for iOS users it came with a plethora of features. However, Google decided to enhance it some more and has recently announced an update for it.

As per the announcement on the official Google Blog, “Starting today, if you’re using the Drive app on your iOS device you can also edit Google documents, just as you can with the Android app. From your iPhone or iPad, you can create a new document, edit an existing one or format text. And, just like on your computer, you’ll be able to see other people’s edits instantly as they’re made. You’ll also notice other new improvements to the iOS Drive app. For example, you can now view Google presentations on your iPhone or iPad, including speaker notes, full-screen mode and the ability to swipe between slides. You can also create new folders, move files into folders and upload stuff (like photos and videos) from your device directly in the Drive app.”

Now available for iOS devices

App gets a useful update


When Google initially announced the app for iOS, it made it available for devices such as iPads, iPhones and the iPod touch. With the Drive app, users can open PDFs, photos, videos, documents and anything else stored in their Drive while on the go. Apart from this, a user can also search all your files, add collaborators to documents, and make files available offline to view them even without an internet connection. For blind and low-vision users, the app can also work in VoiceOver mode.


Google Drive is Google's own cloud storage solution. Google Drive is available to anyone with a Google account and every new user gets 5GB of storage free of cost. Google Docs has also been integrated into Google Drive, allowing you to share, edit and access all your Office documents and PDFs in real time. The main purpose of Google drive, like Dropbox, and SugarSync, is that it is a one stop solution for all your personal files, be it photos, video, music or just about anything else.

Google has integrated Drive tightly with its other services as well and you can now attach photos from Drive to posts in Google +. This free app is already available in the App Store and Google has offered free storage of 5GB to get you started with it. While 5GB is enough for most people, you have the option to increase the storage space to 25GB for a yearly fee of $24.99, which includes storage options for Google Drive as well as Picasa.  Google Drive is currently available for PC, Mac, Android and now iOS devices.

Google has also stated that it is updating its app for Android users as well. The post reads, “You can now add comments, reply to existing comments and view tables in your Google documents. And you’ll have the same new abilities to view presentations and organize your stuff as your friends with iPhones do.”

Published Date: Sep 11, 2012 12:05 pm | Updated Date: Sep 11, 2012 12:05 pm