Google Drive for iOS updated with ability to swipe through images

If you're a regular at using Google Drive on your iOS device, then you should head over to the App Store to download the latest version of the app.

The Google Drive app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) has been upped to version 1.4.0, and it comes with a bunch of improvements. If you have images, lots of them, stored in Drive, you can swipe through them for easy viewing. This is a particularly interesting way of showing your collection of photos to your friends, or even for your own pleasure.

Screenshots of the updated Google Drive iOS app

Screenshots of the updated Google Drive iOS app


The update also allows iOS users to view, create, reply and resolve comments in their Google Docs files. Simply put, it will make the app more useful for those who actually use their mobile devices to share documents and work on them, while on-the-go. The updated Google Drive app is available for download now. Designed to work on both iPhone and iPad, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. To be able to use the app, users will require devices running iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimised for iPhone 5.

Before this, Google had updated its Drive app for iOS devices in April this year. As part of that update, it allowed users to edit documents in landscape mode. The search giant also promised faster response times and included a few bug fixes to the update. Simply put, the update ensured that users were no longer required to edit their documents on their iPhone or iPad in the cramped portrait mode. The update made it possible for them to turn their device and use the landscape mode to make changes to their files. This mode works for both document editing and spreadsheet editing, cutting down on the time you require to write these up. Unfortunately, the landscape mode is not available throughout the rest of Google Drive.