Google Drive expected next week, app details leaked

News of Google’s cloud based storage service called ‘Drive’ has been making the rounds for a while now. After months and months of rumours and speculations of the launch, it now appears that it is coming out soon. Almost definitely next Tuesday is the day, according to a news covered by The Next Web. The news comes to them through sources and partners who are working closely with Google. As expected, the service will launch with 5GB of free space being given to each user with the option to upgrade the space by paying for it. 


It's coming soon!

It's coming soon! Image credit: TalkAndroid



We had already covered news on the screenshots of the service as well as the availability of a desktop client in the recent past. Now however, there are reports by Techcrunch of a leaked OS X software. The tool is out there and like most online storage services, it’s meant to connect with the Google Drive service. While the app installs fine, the service itself isn’t active and enabled for users, so there’s no way to try it out. The software helps link your file manager to the service so you don’t have to depend on the web browser to upload files to it. Users should be able to simply drag and drop files from their PC to the online storage. 


The ones to be impacted the most are services such as Dropbox that offer a similar service. Dropbox for example offers 2GB of free space to its free users. Of late, they’ve started promotions, where free users can get upto 16GB of free space by asking their friends to register for accounts with Dropbox. The other big name in the cloud storage space is Microsoft with their Skydrive service that offers some 25GB of free space online. Google, however, will have the advantage of its massive user base who will most likely be the ones using the service. 

Published Date: Apr 17, 2012 02:46 pm | Updated Date: Apr 17, 2012 02:46 pm