Google doodles for Valentine's Day and the Ferris Wheel creator

While most people would say celebrating Valentine’s Day with their loved one makes their world go round, Google shows us another thing that quite literally makes the world go round in its interactive Doodle today – the Ferris Wheel! Today’s Doodle not only celebrates the day of love, it does it in style by dedicating the two-in-one Doodle to George Ferris, on his 154th birth anniversary.

One of the cutest doodles in recent times acknowledges the season of love with a day-at-a-fair kind of setting with two Ferris Wheels, or giant wheels playing the centre piece or the ‘OO’ of Google in the Doodle. Two shiny arrows point to a heart button, so that you do not miss the fun. When you click on the button, the Ferris Wheels move even as roller coasters move around in a symbolic infinity shaped track – that also makes the ‘G’ in Google, symbolising what else but ‘love is forever’.


The very cute, interactive Google Doodle!

The very cute, interactive Google Doodle!


The moving Ferris Wheels stop to have two animated animals show up in the middle of the wheels each. Now, you’d think that the combination of these animals, a hare and a tortoise, a monkey and an elephant have nothing in common. But they look at each other and sparks fly! The next scenes shown by the Doodle are Polaroid style snapshots from their dates.


The hare is waiting in a restaurant even as the tortoise is late (what else were you expecting?), the monkey and the elephant get their funk on in a disco. There are a nearly ten odd love stories that originate at the Ferris Wheel and the oddest combination of them will follow to make you smile. You might as well put some time aside today only to mess around with the Doodle.


What an unlikely match!

What an unlikely match!


It’s interesting to see George Ferris being honoured, but knowing Google, you would expect the search engine giant to find most loved daily objects and honour their creators. Ferris had created the original Ferris Wheel all the way back in 1893’s World’s Columbian Exposition that was held in Chicago. The planners wanted something ‘original, daring and unique’ and Ferris came up with the giant wheel that would ‘out-Eiffel Eiffel’ tower.

Coincidentally, the creator of the Ferris Wheel where many lovers have spent happy moments was born on Valentine’s Day, the day so special to lovers.



Whoops! Someone's late for a date!


Last year, Google had created an elaborate Doodle to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Grimm Brothers’ Die Kinder und Hausmärchen. The Doodle ran a story of the Little Red Riding Hood in a very puppet show play fashion. The Doodle was spread across a number of slides and users had to hit the arrows to view the story further.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood began with the little girl setting out on a journey to meet her sick grandmother. A chance meeting with a wolf on her way is what formed the crux of the story. The innocent girl, without suspecting anything foul, tells the wolf about her grandmother. Seizing the opportunity, the wolf runs ahead and eats her grandmother and then waits for Little Red Riding Hood to arrive, and then tries to eat her too. Fortunately for her, a woodcutter comes and kills the wolf and saves both of them.

The story beautifully unfolded in pictures as the reader hit the arrow keys or clicks on the Play button—till the final slide, which showed a visibly pleased grandmother knitting her yarn. The yarn artistically forms the words 'Google'. Clicking on the final slide took users to a page detailing the lives and times of the Grimm Brothers – Jacob and Wilhelm.

Published Date: Feb 14, 2013 10:04 AM | Updated Date: Feb 14, 2013 10:04 AM