Google Doodle celebrates 181st birthday of Ferdinand Monoyer, the inventor of dioptre

Google has put up a Doodle to mark the 181st birthday of Ferdinand Monoyer. Ferdinand Monoyer was a famous ophthalmologist, more importantly known for developing the dioptre. The doodle includes two eyes instead of the two ‘o’s in the word 'Google' that are trying to focus on the eye chart. The eyes try to focus on the eye chart using both eyes together as well as testing each eye separately.

Image Credit: Google

Image Credit: Google

For the uninitiated, the dioptre is a measurement of vision that is used to this date. It is the distance from the text that you have to stand so that you can read it without any problem. To help the measurement, he developed the Text box that ophthalmologists and eye specialists use to this day to measure your eyesight.

Each letter on the chart or more conventionally the box represents a different dioptre ranging from the smallest to the largest. He noted that the letters on the eye chart should be as legible as possible because that is the scale that you will be measuring and judging the eye-sight of your patient. Google has also paid him a tribute by adding his name in the eye chart.

Google has been using Doodles as a way to celebrate important personalities and events in the history. This celebration also helps spread awareness about the events and important dates that people many not be aware of.

Published Date: May 09, 2017 08:40 am | Updated Date: May 09, 2017 08:40 am