Google demotes Chrome over sponsored post penalty

If you type the keyword "browser" on Google now and prompt a search, first page Google results suggesting the Chrome homepage will not show up, atleast not for the next 60 days, reports SearchEngineLand. Reportedly, Google has applied for a penalty against its own sponsored post campaign on Chrome, and has in the process demoted Chrome page ranking; taking it all the way down to 50. The report further states that Google was making this move (of demoting Chrome's ranking), despite being fairly sure about the fact that the Chrome page had no violations remaining.


Chrome's falling ranking

Chrome's diminishing ranking



The report quoted a mail from Google as saying, "We’ve investigated and are taking manual action to demote and lower the site’s PageRank for a period of at least 60 days. We strive to enforce Google’s webmaster guidelines consistently in order to provide better search results for users. While Google did not authorize this campaign, and we can find no remaining violations of our webmaster guidelines, we believe Google should be held to a higher standard, so we have taken stricter action than we would against a typical site."


However, the report also makes it clear that lowering a page's ranking is certainly not equivalent to banning it. However, a page with a lower ranking does take a beating.