Google debuts Maps Engine API to help enterprises create custom maps

In order to help developers create accurate custom maps for enterprises, Google has announced the Google Maps Engine API. Using this API, developers will be able to integrate custom-made Google Maps into applications while being hosted on to the company’s cloud.

“Maps tell stories about the world around us. With a single map, an organization can locate underground pipelines, decide on the best place to build their next store, or inform customers about cell phone coverage areas,” wrote Jen Kovnats, Product Manager at Google Maps for Businesses, in a blog post announcing the API.

Google’s Maps Engine will enable developers to use the Internet giant’s cloud infrastructure to layer their organisation’s data over a Google Map. They can also share their custom-made maps with everyone form their employees to customers and the public in general.

Custom maps for enterprises to become easier

Custom maps for enterprises to become easier


The new API, according to Google, will be available for any platform – web, Android, iOS and sever-to-server – in order to help developers build applications like store locators or even crisis-response maps.

For example, FedEx has currently been testing the API for a while now to power part of its store locator and Envista's IRIS is creating applications for utilities to track underground pipelines.

The new API will come as a boon for most enterprises, especially those who need visual maps in order to help people locate them or have employees deliver goods. Currently supporting just basic features such as special queries and manipulating vector data, TechCrunch informs that the team plans on expanding the API quite a bit in the future.

Developers interested in the Google Maps Engine API can contact the Google Sales Team to have a peek at the features.

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 02:36 pm | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 02:36 pm