Google Contacts 2.0 rolling out; goes cleaner and leaner

Google has released a version 2.0 of its Contacts app, that has barely changed over the years. The new update brings better design with a cleaner UI and adds some improvements in terms of usability for its Pixel and Nexus users.

You will not notice any changes in the regular contacts list, which is where all your contacts are displayed. The changes are a bit deeper.

One of the most noticeable changes is cleaner contact page.

While the earlier version of the app used a massive image (taking up the top half of the page) with the bottom half for details, the new one takes that massive image and turns it into a small circle with the name of the contact below it.

Google Contacts 2.0 Contacts Page

Thanks to this move, there is now more space for the contact's details. So if you have a contact with a lot of email addresses and numbers, you will need to scroll less after opening the contact page.

While the previous version of the app shows all contacts from different accounts the synced together in one list, there is now an account switcher (similar to the one you get in the Gmail app) that makes things easier.

Google Contacts 2.0 Accounts switcher

The Account switcher is available upon tapping on the hamburger icon and now gives you the power to switch between accounts on the fly.

The update will let users switch between contacts coming from different accounts easily. It also makes them easier to handle, view and sort.

Google Contacts 2.0 splash

Other features as pointed out by Android Police detail a new exporting feature that lets you choose which accounts to use when exporting contacts.

If you are new to Android, you will also see a new splash screen.

The updates for the same will be available for Pixel and Nexus users via the Google Play Store. Else you could head to the link above and download the .apk file and install it manually.

Published Date: May 15, 2017 10:18 am | Updated Date: May 15, 2017 10:18 am