Google Chrome Hits Version 11

While we watched the world download the latest Firefox 4 browser, boffins in the Google stable were busy preparing the next version of the Chrome browser. The latest beta release, version 11 has a few new features. It’s not as major an overhaul as Firefox 4 was but there are quite a few new features.

Google Chrome 11 brings big performance improvements

Chrome 11 goes beta; brings text-to-speech functionality 



The coolest of the features is the speech to text recognition which allows users to now speak their search keywords to their browsers. This is just a small example of what the new feature is capable of. Future versions and plugins might allow far advanced tasks like the ones you find on a Google Android. Head over to the Chrome Web Store and check out the Speechify plugin. You'll need the latest beta for it to work. 3D GPU-accelerated CSS is also supported now which allows 3D objects to be placed in a browser using CSS. One of the smaller changes that can be noticed is the flatter, simpler looking Chrome icon. The last stable release still is version 10.

Published Date: Mar 24, 2011 10:11 am | Updated Date: Mar 24, 2011 10:11 am