Google Chrome for new MacBook Pros ready, in early dev phase

Google has a lot going on and it’s true also for their Chrome browser development. Apple, like Google has a lot going on and their new MacBook Pros are making waves on the Internet. They are expensive, but they come with incredibly high-quality display and of course, this means that software developers have to prep their software for this increased resolution. Google’s Chrome, one of the world’s most popular browsers is now being tweaked keeping in mind, the increased resolution of the new MacBook Pros. The Chrome Canary Build, one of the early development builds for the browser now has support for the new displays. The Google Chrome Blog has an update that shows a screenshot of the browser using higher quality icons and font rendering. 

Out, finally!

Available with improved quality, for the newly launched MacBooks



One of the issues with a higher resolution display, something as dense as the one on the new MacBook Pro is that fonts and text can look tiny. Apple will ensure that this doesn’t happen but Google is also doing their part with the browser. The existing icons and artwork used on the user interface elements might appear too tiny and if they are scaled up might look pixelated or blurry. Google is simply updating the user interface with higher resolution elements. The latest update of the browser is currently in its early development phases and a final stable release might be out sometime soon. Those who want to check out the latest development release can download it from the Google Chrome Canary channel download page.


Google’s Chrome browser took to the spotlight a while back taking the second place from Firefox. Recently, Chrome took down Internet Explorer by becoming the world’s most used web browser. Google Chrome now has a market share of around 32.43 percent, while Internet Explorer has a share of around 32.12 percent. Firefox is trailing behind and is slowly recovering from the recent dip in usage over the past months. Internet Explorer has been falling steadily over the past years as well. 


The new MacBooks aren't the only focus for Google, and they're also bringing the Chrome browser to Windows 8. The desktop version of the browser shouldn’t change a lot, but the big change should come in the form of the browser for the Metro user interface. The next development build is when we should see the early form of the Chrome browser for Windows 8’s unique Metro user interface.

Published Date: Jun 14, 2012 01:22 pm | Updated Date: Jun 14, 2012 01:22 pm