Google chief Larry Page is focussed on low-end tablet segment

Just too many low-end Android tablets have been entering the Indian market ever since the year kick started. Remember the iBerry, Ainol, Zync and others, and most of these let us indulge in the latest flavour of the Android operating system. According to a report by Business Standard, Google’s chief Larry Page also believes that Android will be a great success with the low-end market and is quite focused on the same.

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Google focuses on low-end tablets


“We definitely believe that there is going to be a lot of success with the lower ends of the market, as well with lower-price products; that will be very significant, and definitely an area we think is important, and we're quite focused on, Google chief executive Larry Page said while responding to a question.

He believes that there is a lot of competition in this space, calling the Kindle Fire one of the strongest competitors while talking about the stiff competition in the tablet arena. "There's also obviously been a lot of success on some lower-price tablets that run Android, maybe not the full Google version of Android," he added. Here he points out tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire that run on Android, but sideline Google. Kindle Fire, if you remember, has been the best selling gadget during the holiday season. Amazon had crafted this device that was touted to be an iPad-killer. Though, it didn’t really prove to be an iPad-killer performance wise, it sold like hot cakes during the holiday season, as predicted by the company.

Page is looking forward to its phones and tablets to play better together using cloud services. "You won't have to manage all these devices," Page said. "You want to think about all these screens around you working seamlessly." Reportedly, Google is rumoured to be working on a new low-end Android tablet which is slated to release some where around July.

In India, the low-end tablet market ignited by the world’s cheapest Aakash tablet, has seen some nifty options emerge. With a price sensitive market that we are, many manufacturers have been focusing on the low-end tablet segment.

Published Date: Apr 17, 2012 09:13 am | Updated Date: Apr 17, 2012 09:13 am