Google brings out Android Studio, a custom IDE designed for Android

Google’s I/O developer’s conference is full of announcements this year. Google has now announced the launch of an integrated developer’s environment. Titled Android studio, the environment is meant to make developers “faster and more productive” according to the company.

This move is not entirely unexpected as other companies that give developers a platform to work on, like Microsoft, often give full featured developers tools. While it is meant to be a replacement for the earlier provided Google Eclipse, the company has not announced all the features that will be provided via this tool. One of the major additions that can be expected though is a focus on multiple layout tools for a variety of devices and tablets.

Another major addition for developers now is the ability to see the changes that they have made to the Android app’s code being reflected in real time in the simulator. Google also plans on integrating its Cloud messaging into the studio as well, which will allow developers to send data from their servers directly onto the user’s Android device, as well as being able to receive messages from the devices on the same connection.

The Android Studio will make developers

The Android Studio will make developers "faster and more productive" (photo credit: intomobile)


The Android Studio has completely been built as an IntelliJ-based integrated developer’s environment, which is a smart move, as most JAVA developers rate its performance as being better than Eclipse.

Google has also added five new features on its console. The new features now include a section with optimisation and development tips, which should help developers. Another one is an app translation service that will now allow developers to get professional translations directly from the developer console so that they can upload what they need and also be able to pick out from various translation services. A third really interesting addition is Referral Tracking, which now allows developers to see what kind of ads are best for promoting their apps.

Google has also released a feature by which developers can now go into beta testing and have staged rollouts. This feature has long been awaited by third party developers as it allows them to simply roll out test versions of their applications ahead of a public release.         

Published Date: May 16, 2013 11:36 am | Updated Date: May 16, 2013 11:36 am