Google Books on E-book Updated

Google Books on the E-book has undergone some miniscule, but interesting changes of late.

Now, translate,define,search as you read..

Now, translate,define,search as you read..


Users can now find assistance for tricky words, by the way of providing proper definitions for it, as also translate those, if need be. The new update comes bundled with a host of features. In addition to the definition service, also comes an audio tool enhancement  that would help the user with the right pronunciation of a particular word. However, the audio icon was found to function only on the Chrome browser. The next available option is the Translate tool that furthers Google’s very popular Translate service, which will plainly translate a particular word to any number of languages.

In addition to these, comes a Search option that has been branched into Search Book, Search Google and Search Wikipedia. As the names suggest, the Search Book option lets the user keep a track about the occurrence of any given word in the entire book. The Search Google option, on the other hand will perform a regular search of the word on Google. And, Search Wikipedia will look for a Wikipedia entry of the word, if any.

To avail of these services, users will have to alter their settings to Flowing Text mode and not the Scanned Pages mode. The settings can be changed by clicking on the Settings icon on the upper right and make the required changes.



Source: CNET

Published Date: May 23, 2011 10:22 am | Updated Date: May 23, 2011 10:22 am