Google allowing creators to connect Google+ pages to YouTube channels

YouTube creators looking to link their channel with their Google+ page now have an interesting update form Google. In an official blog post on YouTube Creators blog, Google confirms that they are open for a beta test that will allow YouTube creators to do just that.


Those interested will have to first ensure that their channel's Google account has a Google+ profile. Ones who don't have one will have to create a Google+ profile with their name. Those looking to link their YouTube channels with an existing Google+ page will have to add their channel's Google account as the manager of the corresponding page. Those who don't have an existing page can create a new one during the linking process. On YouTube, users have to go to the advanced account settings option and click "Connect with a Google+ page(beta)". There, users will find options like: Link with a new Google+ page, Link with an existing Google+ page that your channel's Google account owns or manage and Link with a Google+ profile instead of a page. Users are done once they pick any of these options. 


Letting you link YouTube channels to Google Plus pages



Once users have linked their channel with a Google+ page, they will be able to add multiple managers to their channel and manage multiple channels with a single login. They have the option of picking any name for their channel and page; they can even rename an existing channel if they choose to. This way, they can also access new features like better video sharing, live broadcasts via Hangouts and a YouTube tab on their Google+ page. 


Last month, YouTube rolled out a new look for channels that aims to make them look good on all screen sizes and devices while letting channel creators customise how videos and playlists are organised to best fit their channel strategies. The new look is called YouTube One Channel and was under beta test for more than a month. 


YouTube says channel creators can leverage the new look to turn more visitors into subscribers by controlling what visitors watch when they click on a channel from the Guide.


The One Channel also lets you create a trailer for your channel. This trailer will play for any visitor who isn't a subscriber yet. Users can consider it as an opportunity to get a visitor hooked to their channel and eventually turn them into subscribers. YouTube suggests users should "treat this trailer as if it were an ad." 


Users can also create and upload attractive channel art if they want to give their channels a visual identity. 


If you want to try out the new design, you'll have to visit and click the button at the bottom to get started. Users will be able to go back to the older look and their previous designs for some time. 


This update is part of YouTube's drive to revamp the site's appearance. 

Published Date: Apr 12, 2013 18:38 PM | Updated Date: Apr 12, 2013 18:38 PM