Google Adds Remote Capabilities for Android 2.2+ Devices

Well what do we have here? Google has updated a few apps that add data encryption, remote location and there’s another one that allows users to search for contacts via Google Apps Lookup.

According to Google’s Enterprise Blog, the new version of Google Apps Device Policy helps users find their lost or stolen Android devices by locating them on a map, ringing up the device and resetting the device PIN or password. This is done remotely through Google’s My Devices website.

Coming soon to non-corporate users? Let's see..

Coming soon to non-corporate users? Let's see..


Honeycomb introduced data encryption for their devices and now this feature also allows encrypting data remotely. However, users should have version 2.0 of the Google Apps Device Policy app.

Finally, there’s a new app called Google Apps Lookup which lets users search for information on other contacts in their organization. If the contact exists in the Google Apps directory, the user gets all the details of that particular contact.

For now, these apps are meant for business users who use Google Apps. However, it’s quite likely that other Android users will get their hands on these apps and features in the near future.