Google adds expandable links and Quick view to mobile search

Google plans to spruce up its search experience on smartphones with expandable sitelinks and Quick view feature.


With expandable links, users don’t have to continuously sift through a number of websites to locate a specific page. Instead, now Google will produce a list of links below the main URL in the search results. These links will allow users to quickly scan for the category or section that they want to get to, and also saves them the trouble of searching within the website.


The company explained the feature through an example in a blog post, “It is a faster way to get to the Rotten Tomatoes page with just the info you need most — just look for a new quick link for ‘In Theaters’ underneath the main Rotten Tomatoes link when you search on your mobile phone. You'll see these expandable sitelinks appear for many sites to help you get to a specific section quickly."

Blue Quick View badge currently only for Wikipedia

Google mobile search Quick View badge currently only for Wikipedia



Google Search for mobile also gets a new feature called Quick view. It is an experimental project and currently shows up as a blue badge only for Wikipedia results and allows users to load search results from Wikipedia instantly. It shows highlighted links from the encyclopaedia, offering bits of information relevant to the user query. For instance, the image above shows Quick view label next to the search result for the term 'poker hands'. Clicking on the Quick view button will instantly load up the Wikipedia page for poker hands.


The search giant is looking to expand the feature to other websites gradually. Moreover, while Quick view is available only for search results in English, Google is working on adding support for additional languages. 

Google has been on a spree when it comes to improving the search experience on mobile devices. The company added a weather widget within search results recently. In December last year, Google was reported to be testing the Quick View feature for smartphones. The report was substantiated with a screenshot of a search result on the iPhone 5, wherein a Quick view button was spotted alongside a search query. Google’s handy voice-based assistant, Google Now, was also recently updated with real-time package tracking, better cards and faster search.


To get updates about the Quick view feature, users can participate in the mobile Quick view field trial by filling this form.

Published Date: Apr 17, 2013 13:53 PM | Updated Date: Apr 17, 2013 13:53 PM