Good guy Xiaomi will pay you to let it recycle all your e-waste; you just need to fill a form

Xiaomi India has launched an initiative to take back and recycle old, unused electronics products in the country. The program is called the “Mi India product take-back and recycling program”.

On its website, Xiaomi says, “To act responsibly towards the environment, we have pledged to recycle electronic items, such as mobiles, power banks, speakers, headphones, etc. that are intended to be discarded as waste by the consumer.”

The brilliance of the program is that it doesn’t cost you anything to participate. In fact, the benefits for you, and the environment, are actually very great.

You need to head here and fill out a form. Xiaomi will then arrange for someone to pick up your e-waste or you can drop it off at a service centre. As a bonus, Xiaomi will even give you a discount coupon worth Rs 100 against any purchase of Rs 1,000 or greater on the Xiaomi website.

The list of e-waste that Xiaomi will accept includes mobile phones, power banks, chargers, speakers, headphones and other products.

The disposal of electronic products is actually a big deal. They’re not meant to be thrown into the regular trash to begin with. All electronics contain a number of harmful elements like lead and heavy metals. Devices like phones and battery packs are a fire hazard.

This is a commendable move from Xiaomi’s part and we certainly wish other manufacturers were more proactive about their recycling initiatives.

Published Date: May 05, 2017 11:44 am | Updated Date: May 05, 2017 11:44 am