God of War: Ascension getting a midnight launch across India

Sony has announced that it will be hosting a midnight launch event for God of War: Ascension on March 13. The game is a PlayStation 3-exclusive and will be available in two flavours: a standard edition and a special edition.


The special edition of the game will cost Rs 3,299. It includes a steelbook case, the official soundtrack, a dynamic theme for the PlayStation 3 XMB, an avatar pack for PlayStation Network, and a double XP unlock code for the multiplayer component. The standard edition will come for Rs 2,999.

Those who have pre-ordered the game can pick up their copies during the launch, along with the pre-order goodies, which include the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer DLC Pack, the Blade of Judgement Multiplayer Weapon DLC Pack and a 30-day free trial subscription to PlayStation Plus. The Mythological Heroes Multiplayer DLC Pack gives you access to four warriors from Greek mythology—Achilles, Orion, Perseus and Odysseus—along with their weapons and armour to use in multiplayer.

Apart from the pre-order bonuses, everyone who buys God of War: Ascension will be also be getting early access to the demo for Naughty Dog’s next offering, The Last of Us.

Beta is set to begin in winter this year

Grab your copy at the midnight launch next week!


The midnight launch will be held across the country at a number of stores, including Blur and Game Shoppe in Chennai; Game4u outlets in Mumbai, Delhi and Ludhiana; Kavita Toys in Ahmedabad; the Landmark stores in Delhi and Bangalore; New Games N Gadgets and Venus Games in Bangalore.

If the trailers we've seen so far are anything to go by, Ascension will be just as epic as God of War III was, if not more. The game has huge levels and it looks like bosses are set to be even more spectacular this time around. Kratos can also use something akin to telekinesis to lift and move objects. The game will undoubtedly have puzzles revolving around the new power.


The game will also have a "Horde" mode similar to the one in Gears of War. Ascension looks like it will feature the same fast-paced combat the series is famous for, and the co-op battles will give you access to abilities you wouldn't normally have in single-player. An example of such abilities would be one of the players crouching so that the other player can run and jump off the first player's back to launch an aerial assault on the enemies.

Published Date: Mar 08, 2013 06:10 pm | Updated Date: Mar 08, 2013 06:10 pm