Gmail's quick action buttons to let you organise your digital to-do's

Over the coming days, Gmail will receive quick action buttons that will help users sort their digital to-do's quicker, says Google's Product Manager, Shalini Agarwal on the official Gmail blog.


Once the changes kick in, users will be able to spot these quick action buttons next to specific types of emails in their inbox. The catch here is that, these buttons will let you act on the email without having to open it. Say, you want to RSVP to your friend's party invite or rate a restaurant you'd been to recently, you can do it without opening the email. 

RSVP to your friend's party without opening to the email

RSVP to your friend's party without opening the email



Frequent fliers, who receive their confirmation emails, will be able to access all the important details about their flight right at the top. Without even opening their confirmation email, users will be able to check if their flight's on time, details of their connecting flight, among other things. Agarwal adds that the changes will kick in over the next few weeks.


Developers keen on trying out the quick action buttons on their emails, can check out this link for more details. 

Check flight details

Check flight details



Soon, Google will also be rolling out 15GB of unified storage space between Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos for free, instead of the existing separate storage. What this means is users will have a wholesome 15GB of storage space to use between the aforementioned services. Currently, though, users have 10GB of storage space set aside for Gmail and another 5GB for Drive and Google+ Photos.

Published Date: May 16, 2013 08:51 AM | Updated Date: May 16, 2013 08:51 AM