Gmail reportedly testing new features: Pinned emails, Snooze button and more!

The latest news from the Google stable, is that it has started testing some new interesting features for its  ten-year-old wonder child, Gmail. Screenshots leaked by show a new version of Gmail that feature new tabs, a snooze button and the ability to pin messages.


The leaked image shows new tabs for travel, purchases, and finance. These will be in addition to the Social, Promotion, Forum and Updates tabs that are already a part of the Gmail inbox. It looks like Google also wants to ensure that users don't lose any important messages.


The new Gmail version shows a system for pinning messages to the top of your inbox. There’s also a toggle switch that lets you pin emails or push them back to their original places. This will replace the current ‘star’ system of marking important emails.


Moreover, a new snooze feature is also being tested.  Essentially what this will do, is it will allow users to read an email, mark it as unread and then move it back to the top of the inbox after a specific time period. Basically, with the “snooze” button, a read email will pop up again at the top of the inbox as an unread message. This could be very handy as it’s a way of alerting or reminding users about an important task.


Each of these features tries to add convenience to the way we access our emails. However, Google may be simply testing these features, and the final result may look slightly different.


Either way, get ready for some changes to Gmail as we know it.

Published Date: Apr 04, 2014 10:37 am | Updated Date: Apr 04, 2014 10:37 am