Gmail goes down briefly even as new inbox design is rolling out

It seems like a story like this is becoming a regular fixture with us. Gmail was down yet again briefly and seems to be up right now. The error seemed to be a widespread one with Twitter being abuzz with news.

Trying to access your inbox threw up error 502, “The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds.” As usual, there seemed to be no mention of it on the App Status Dashboard just yet.

Twitter users are already having a field day with the service being down, “Brace yourself.... 'Gmail is down' tweets are coming,” wrote @Sychlops while most other tweets involved “Gmail is down” kind of PSAs.

More frowning for Gmail users

Down again says that the service has most likely been hit by a service disruption. It bases its findings on the user reports and official announcements.

Gmail has already gone down twice this month, with another 502 error hitting Google users on May 13. A week prior to this, Gmail was hit by a service disruption thanks to an issue with Postini services. A third party issue ended up affecting System 200 inbound and outbound mails. Users ended up experiencing 421 errors that resulted in deferrals.

Google is also in the process of rolling out fresh new updates to the desktop version of Gmail. The update will let users control their inboxes better. The "brand new inbox" that Google is set to roll out will help users organise emails, social notifications, deals, offers and confirmations better now with new categories. While the disruption may not have been caused by this rollout, expect to see a brand new inbox experience sometime soon.