Gmail goes blue for Google's April Fools' Day prank

Sensing the perfect opportunity, Google has introduced Gmail Blue – i.e, your regular Gmail, only blue. Why "perfect opportunity", you ask? Well, Gmail turns nine today, and it is on this day that it goes all blue – inspired by nature (you know, sky, oceans, the works!). 


Coming back to Gmail Blue, Google, in a video, takes users through the entire transformation. It even tells users how blue wasn't the colour they started out with. They tried orange, brown (which turned disastrous), yellow, to finally blue. In Gmail Blue, everything is blue – the compose button and underline is blue, so is italics and even the text colour is blue.  


Here’s a twist – If you thought that Google emptied its "April Fools' Day" bag of pranks with Google Nose, Google Maps Treasure Mode and the YouTube shutdown (like, seriously?!), then you should go ahead and add this one to that list, too.

Gmail goes blue!

Gmail goes blue!



It’s that time of the year again, where you cannot believe everything you see and read. And like every April Fool’s Day, Google seemingly took the responsibility to be the first one to launch gags. 


Google – with its best straight face – chose April 1 to launch its new service Google Nose where you can “go beyond type, talk and touch for a new notation of sensation.” Essentially, you can now use Google to not just search for things, you can also use it to smell your favourite things.


Hitting the “Try Google Smell” button on the homepage of the service will throw up a random result in Google Search. Besides websites and images pertaining to the keywords, there will now be a panel on the right of the screen where Google Aromabase will describe the product and smell to you. Using the “Smell” button, you will be able to inhale its aroma (or stench, depending on the random product). 


We hit the “Try now” button and waited for Google’s randomiser to surprise us with a smell. We were not disappointed as Google threw up results for the smell of “success”. Needless to say, the description for the smell of success read, “sweet”. Success is sweet, indeed. 


We don’t need to tell you how our experience with trying to smell it went, right? Google instructed us to bring our nose as close as possible to the screen to smell. The search giant had the last laugh as people stared at us trying to smell our monitors. 


Google took a dig at itself too. It showed up “Google I/O” in the smell search result too. The search engine described the smell of the biggest Google event as, “Gadgets, over-heated computers and innovation.” Hilarious! 


On the Google Nose page, the search giant described the service as something that “leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available.” The company said that its database of smell had been created using Street Sense vehicles that inhaled and indexed smells around millions of atmospheric miles and Android Ambient Odor Detection that collected smell via Android devices, amongst other methods. 


The service is still in beta, but Google also announced that you can use Nose with its other services. You can scratch and smell Google Books and Food-based Google Doodles or “Foodles”. You can also use Nosed captions on YouTube to smell your videos. 

Published Date: Apr 01, 2013 19:16 PM | Updated Date: Apr 01, 2013 19:16 PM