Gmail for mobile gets improvements

Google brought a few new features to Gmail on the mobile in hopes of making the email-on-the-go experience better for its users. For one, they've added multiple sign-in support. On the desktop, you can sign into multiple accounts using the same device. This functionality is brought over to the mobile device as well. To sign into another account, click on 'account switcher' at the bottom of the threadlist and then click 'Sign into another account'. You can then select the account you want to sign into by selecting it from the Accounts menu. As part of support for this feature, Google's also added URLs, so each account can have its own bookmark. If you've previously bookmarked Gmail for mobile, you need to update your bookmarks (if you'd still like to use them) for multiple account support.

Multiple account support and vacation responder on Gmail for mobile

Multiple account support and vacation responder on Gmail for mobile




Google's also added mobile specific signatures to Gmail on the mobile. Usually, when you use your mobile's client for email, the signature on an email will say that you have sent that email using your phone. This feature allows the email recipient to understand why an email may seem short and 'curt' or why there might be an uncharacteristic number of typos (damn you autocorrect!). You can now add a signature to emails sent from Gmail for mobile by going to menu, hit the new settings icon, choose your signature and then check the box that activates it. You can always disable it by checking the same box and Gmail for mobile will use the same signature your Gmail for desktop uses.


Finally, Google's added a vacation auto-responder to Gmail for mobile. If you're going away on vacation but forgot to set a vacation auto-responder on your desktop, you can now do it on your mobile. It works the same way the desktop interface does where you select your message and set dates and voila! You're on vacation.

Published Date: Sep 22, 2011 05:11 pm | Updated Date: Sep 22, 2011 05:11 pm