GlassFeeds brings RSS to Google Glass

There's no need to worry about receiving news when you purchase a Google Glass for yourself. An RSS reader has just arrived for Google Glass, developed by the same guy who created a YouTube app for Google’s wearable device.

Developer James Betker has created an app called GlassFeeds, which will allow users to select several news sources that will be used to push news stories on to Glass. From your Glass, you will be able to send stories you’re reading to Pocket or email and even share with your friends.

Here's how RSS feeds will look on Glass

Here's how RSS feeds will look on Glass


Betker sounded surprised that such an app was not out yet. “Frankly, I can’t believe this isn’t one of the first applications to come out for Glass,” he wrote in a blog post. “I mean, right from the start, one of the original ‘apps’ that came with Glass was NYT [New York Times] – lending to the thought that receiving news on Glass was one of the use cases Google had imagined.”

The developer wrote that he wasn’t too impressed by NYT’s app layout, since it “grabbed your attention” with a headline, but could not manage to do anything more than that. “I felt that at least being able to e-mail yourself a link would have helped,” he wrote.

NYT had released its official Google Glass app back in April, using which Glass owners could get breaking news delivered on an hourly basis. The “look up” gesture asks Glass to show pictures from articles and a stream of headlines. The app also enables you to listen to news stories and summaries through the bone-conduction technology in Glass.

However, all of this is limited to the NYT app only. Betker wrote that he has been working on his RSS app, GlassFeeds, since a week now and it has become an indispensible one for him. A look at his Google+ profile shows that all’s not well in paradise, though. Betker has said that GlassFeeds has run into a bit of an issue with Google. Twenty active users in, the app has been locked out due to Mirror restrictions. We hope Betker can manage to iron issues out with Google soon since it would be a shame to have an app of this caliber not operating alright. 

Published Date: Jun 12, 2013 03:11 pm | Updated Date: Jun 12, 2013 03:11 pm