GlacialTech Launches IGLOO 5751 PWM Multiple Platforms CPU Cooler

GlacialTech, a world class provider of cost effective cooling components and chassis, is going to launch the latest IGLOO 5751 PWM Multiple Platforms Cooler.

The unique design for the enthusiasts incorporates a specially aligned copper heat pipe (combination of four pipes) with nickel coating disperses the heat from the CPU directly into the heat sink fins. The PWM version has a high efficiency bullet axial speed fan setup that brings the temperature down according to the needs. The entire heat sink keeps a relatively low profile and weighs nominal, making safe and light enough to pose no danger to the IGLOO 5751 PWM CPU cooler. It offers more efficiency than competing enthusiast PC platform.

With today’s power hungry computers, GlacialTech has implemented a cost effective and useful way to keep the processor cool. When doing resource hungry applications in the installed PWM version, the speed can be turned up to manage the heat dissipation more effectively. While the PC is idle or doing non-intensive work, it turns the speed back to normal.

Heat is drawn up from the CPU into the CPU heat sink. The nickel coated heat pipes draw the heat further into the aluminium radiator fins. Cool air is propelled into the aluminum fins from the top fan, extracting the heat from the metal as it goes through. The second fan propels the air further, which is slowed down slightly because it increases in volume. The second fan thus speeds up the airflow, thrusting it directly onto the CPU heat sink. The combined wind cooling effect and heat transfer adds increased efficiency to a rock solid design.

Published Date: Jul 07, 2010 01:24 pm | Updated Date: Jul 07, 2010 01:24 pm